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Home – Eat-in kitchens

For a family with children, it is a great idea to create an eating space inside the kitchen. This is the right solution if you have toddlers, you will be able to watch the kids while you do different house chores. Also, an eat-in kitchen will let you serve food right on the spot. Placing a table next to the kitchen with seats that can be mounted on the wall or a corner are some of the ways in which you can take advantage of the space in this room. Moreover, using the walls or corners of the kitchen...

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Things that are essential in a mudroom

Mudrooms are secondary entryways found in many contemporary American houses. Depending on the family, this area is used for one thing or another. In general, it is used as a prelude to the interior of the house; it is ideal to take your boots and jacket off after being outside playing in the rain with the kids. Moreover, since this is a room that many visitors will not see, you can add a pantry (if it is close to the kitchen, of course), a washing machine and a dryer and it can even function as a place where your...

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Remodel the house: types of home heating systems

Imagine arriving home after spending a day outside entertaining the children with the snow and still feel forced to wear a sweater around the house… This can make you shiver if you think about it for too long. We mentioned the previous scenario because a home heating system is a significant component of any house and we sometimes forget to renew or maintain it. A house can have one or more types of heating systems and if you want to get a new one you should know what is the best option for your household. In this occasion we...

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How to prepare a house to sell it

Nowadays, young families and anyone who is buying their first home want to find a place that is ready to move in. However, it is difficult to find a property with a well-kept floor, decorated with a trendy wallpaper and a kitchen with quartz countertops. When selling your house it is essential that you show its best version; you must be aware that it is possible that you have to make a small investment so that your place is at the top of the list of all buyers. Here are some tips and tricks to prepare your home to...

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Remodeling the house: standard stairway measures and types

A multi-level house needs a staircase that connects them, be them inside or outside the house. An internal staircase usually becomes the main focus of the place… Its style and materials determine the decoration of the rooms that are connected through it. There are different types of stairways/staircases. We cannot forget to mention that they are composed by the stair (composed in turn by the tread and the riser), the handrail, the balustrade and the landing. The choice of a type of staircase will be determined by the position and direction of the access at the top of the...

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