For a family with children, it is a great idea to create an eating space inside the kitchen. This is the right solution if you have toddlers, you will be able to watch the kids while you do different house chores. Also, an eat-in kitchen will let you serve food right on the spot.

Placing a table next to the kitchen with seats that can be mounted on the wall or a corner are some of the ways in which you can take advantage of the space in this room.

Moreover, using the walls or corners of the kitchen intelligently gives us the opportunity to take advantage of its center. If you are lucky and you have a lot of space, you can locate an elongated central table that has something like a resistant stainless steel countertop. This will have a double purpose: a place to eat and a place to prepare delicious food. If the kitchen lacks a few inches, then the best choice is a smaller table that leaves enough room to move around with the assurance of not burning or spilling food on another person.

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Depending on the shape of your kitchen, you could locate the table in front of a window to enjoy the natural sunlight that enters through it or near the back door to have the view of the backyard.

Adding a central island with two levels –one for cooking and one to eat– is a modern way to have an eat-in kitchen; you will be able to have breakfast or snacks while talking with the cook. However, you must take the needs of your family (and maybe also your friend’s if you like having people over) into account, perhaps such high seats could be uncomfortable for small children and the elderly.

If you swoon over open concept kitchens, you could consider hiring a specialist to tear down the wall that is not letting you put the dining room much closer to the kitchen… Each space would have its own ‘room’, but, at the same time, they will be connected. Both areas should have the same style to obtain a feel of continuity and spaciousness.

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