Nowadays, young families and anyone who is buying their first home want to find a place that is ready to move in. However, it is difficult to find a property with a well-kept floor, decorated with a trendy wallpaper and a kitchen with quartz countertops. When selling your house it is essential that you show its best version; you must be aware that it is possible that you have to make a small investment so that your place is at the top of the list of all buyers. Here are some tips and tricks to prepare your home to sell it faster.

If you think that a new layer of paint is necessary, choose neutral colors. Colors such as gray, white or beige can bring a touch of modernity to your home. Avoid choosing very dark shades or fluorescent colors like neon pink. For instance, if you like deep red do not use it on all the walls of your child’s room… Use a light color as the base and add small details painted with the bright color throughout the room –the dresser knobs, an accessory, or the frame of a photo– this is a way to tell the buyer where to look.

Consider updating and changing old furniture and decoration. For example, if the cushions of the sofa that is in the family room have a worn-out look, then buy new ones or make new covers yourself (put into practice your sewing techniques!). Think about what others like, not what you like.

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It is important that you remove personal items such as picture frames or trophies; this is what will allow those who visit the property imagine themselves drinking coffee in the kitchen or watching movies in the living room.

Finally, go through your home and make a list of the things that could be improved. Do not forget to clean everything meticulously. Keep in mind that the small details will remain in the memory of the buyers; make your house smell good, do not cover imperfections –fix them– and use your money wisely … Do not make improvements that are not necessary or that might not be of interest to the area in which you live.

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