Imagine arriving home after spending a day outside entertaining the children with the snow and still feel forced to wear a sweater around the house… This can make you shiver if you think about it for too long. We mentioned the previous scenario because a home heating system is a significant component of any house and we sometimes forget to renew or maintain it. A house can have one or more types of heating systems and if you want to get a new one you should know what is the best option for your household.

In this occasion we will talk about the hot water baseboard system. This is generally embedded in the lower part of the walls and can be located, as its name says, where a normal baseboard would go. These are similar to a radiating heating system because –once the temperature of the thermostat is changed– they warm up the space using boiled water that reaches the baseboard through pipes… Once the water in the pipes has transferred all its heat to the room, it returns to the boiler and it is replaced with reheated water to keep the system working.
The boiler that is used in this type of product is usually located in a utility room, and it can be fueled with propane, electricity, oil or natural gas. The tubes are usually made of copper and have a fin shape that allows them to distribute heat more evenly.

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One of the biggest advantages of this option is that it is quiet; in addition, they use energy efficiently (this depends on the type of boiler you have –a wood fueled boiler is a good option if this is the feature that you like the most), and since it does not work with forced ventilation it can lower the percentage of dust in the. However, a few drawbacks are the temperature change can be slow and these only serve as heaters (air conditioning will make use of completely different ductwork).
Although this type of system is easy to handle and its installation is quite simple you must take into account that this system can hinder the arrangement of the furniture because it won’t work if something obstructs it. You must take into account all the above to decide if a baseboard heating system is the best for you.

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