It is evident that minimalist, Nordic and other styles are very popular these days. However, what happens when you like pieces that belong to different types of décor? The eclectic style appears when we do not get carried away by the trendiest designs, and choose to have pieces that end up creating a space that encompasses different periods and styles. According to the English entrepreneur and designer Sir Terence Conran, eclectic style is, in general, adopted by people who are related to art. They are who set the tone in the world of design and are not afraid to show their personal taste to others. Here are some tips so you can introduce an eclectic feel to your house:

Some styles that can be mixed are rustic, classic, minimalist, contemporary, Victorian styles, as well as pop, art deco or Bauhaus styles. If you do not know where to begin, we recommend that you choose a base style to start… Classic, for example, and then maybe add art deco elements to achieve your goal.

As for furniture, select different materials (like leather, velvet or wood), textures and lines, but make sure they are similar. You might be wondering why? Creating a ‘thematic line’ is important, otherwise the place might potentially look messy; for instance, use the same color scheme or choose one ‘go-to’ shade to utilize it throughout the space, as well as similar fabrics to maintain the continuity (like tulle or translucent chiffon). Try to have a focal point in the room so that you have something that ties everything together.

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Textiles are quite important; curtains, carpets and blankets are present in many eclectic homes. Accessories also play an important role; it is very easy to give a nod to one of the periods that you like with a pop art work hanged in the wall or a small statue of a pigeon in the art nouveau style.

Remember this is not about choosing any miss matched object that you saw in that antique shop, you must know clearly what the styles you want to combine are.

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