A multi-level house needs a staircase that connects them, be them inside or outside the house. An internal staircase usually becomes the main focus of the place… Its style and materials determine the decoration of the rooms that are connected through it.

There are different types of stairways/staircases. We cannot forget to mention that they are composed by the stair (composed in turn by the tread and the riser), the handrail, the balustrade and the landing. The choice of a type of staircase will be determined by the position and direction of the access at the top of the stairs in respect of the bottom, and access in the landing. Before installing or remodeling a staircase we must consider the regulations that apply in our locality; however, there are some standard measures that we will mention below so that the slope of the stairs is not excessive and everything results in a practical and safe stairway:

– A straight flight of stairs should not have more than 15 steps in a row.

– The height of the riser should be between 6 and 8 inches.

– The tread measurement should be around 11 inches.

– The width of the staircase should not be less than 26 inches.

– The railing should be at a height of at least 33 inches.

– The landing (if there is one) should be proportional to the ladder in order to give it continuity.

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– The diameter of a spiral staircase should be of at least 60 inches. Spiral stairways can seem to be more compact than a straight flight of stairs; however, you need an area of 78 x 78 inches so that the steps are wide enough… This means you lose the space under the stairs and you need a clear access area.

– The height of each stair to its corresponding section on the roof should not be less than 85 inches.

– If you have a baby at home, or maybe dogs and cats, it is worth investing in a retractable safety gate at both ends of the stairway.

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