Mudrooms are secondary entryways found in many contemporary American houses. Depending on the family, this area is used for one thing or another. In general, it is used as a prelude to the interior of the house; it is ideal to take your boots and jacket off after being outside playing in the rain with the kids. Moreover, since this is a room that many visitors will not see, you can add a pantry (if it is close to the kitchen, of course), a washing machine and a dryer and it can even function as a place where your pets eat and drink water.

As we mentioned, a mudroom is mostly found in newer constructions… So if you are remodeling or renewing your house and space is not a problem adding a mudroom can make it more attractive and functional. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when designing a mudroom.

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The idea of carpets and delicate hardwood floors in a room like this has to be discarded. Opt for porcelain, ceramic or vinyl flooring. For instance, wood look porcelain has the beauty, the durability and even the texture to avoid slippery accidents. Other things –like electrical wiring and plumbing– have to be carefully planned if you are going to aggregate a washer, dryer and/or sink (these three elements will upgrade the utility of your mudroom because, in the end, this is a transition space and people will be going in and out with dirty and damp clothes and shoes).

On the other hand, there has to be enough space to hang jackets, scarfs, which is why coat racks and hooks are necessary. A mudroom is an area in which you can increase the amount of storage of your property; shelves, cubicles or lockers will give you a place store clean clothes, towels, umbrellas and backpacks… For example, a good idea is to install school-like lockers for each member of the family. In addition, a bench is needed for taking the shoes off and putting them on… You could go for a mounted option or reuse an old piece of furniture.

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